Alabama Nut Will Shoot Anyone Who Steals His Wife's Campaign Signs


Who is this crazy lady who isn't allowed to get out of her truck until her husband first gets out and says his piece about why he is permitting her to run for office? She's Kathy Peterson, Republican candidate for President of the Alabama Public Service Commission and wife of briefly famous redneck and failed Alabama Agriculture Commissioner candidate Dale Peterson, the guy who successfully nabbed a few seconds of viral stardom in 2010 for some terrifying campaign ads that consisted of Peterson waving his rifle around and swearing oaths and a hail of buckshot against any mis-cree-ants fixin' to thieve his yard signs. This is pretty much just that all over again in 2012, especially at the end of the video, as the Internet's comedy reward for laughing at this violent maniac a couple years ago.

Poor Kathy Peterson, she is as insane as her husband! We too would be terrified of the Environmental Protection Agency if, as she warns in the video around 1:10, the EPA were plotting to "shut down energy" and do mass murder to "get rid of people just to create their 'perfect world.'" Here we all thought environmentalists were trying to save humanity, for whatever mysterious reason!

What IS scary is that you will have to watch all the way until 1:50 (or who cares, just fast forward) to giggle at Dale Peterson getting out his gun and promising to shoot everyone who goes near his wife's yard signs. Greatest campaign video of 2012, so far. [YouTube]


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