Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions: Are There No Workhouses?

The Daily Caller has an uncharacteristicallynon-shitty (we mean, it's not totally non-shitty, but it definitely downplays the shittiness) story about the number of children who are getting government food assistance. That number is more than one in four, which is a lot of families who otherwise might not have food on them! Reporter Caroline May even cites a statistic showing that SNAP and EBT (food stamps y'all) have cut extreme poverty by half! (Extreme poverty is when you live on less than $2 a day. In America.) So do you think some people might have a problem with this? Of course they do, because not letting children starve in the streets is socialisms and indoctrination, everyone knows that. Tell us more, US Senator from the great state of Alabama Jeff Sessions!

Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions — one of the most vocal critics of the recent skyrocketing SNAP enrollment numbers and USDA’s promotion of the benefit — contends that something must be done about government policies and a USDA that he says is more interested in enrolling Americans in the program than finding real solutions.

“It has become sadly clear that Agriculture Secretary Vilsack wishes to make welfare part of the normal American experience, with no regard for social or economic consequences. How else can you explain why he gave an award to a recruitment worker for overcoming the ‘mountain pride’ of rural Americans?” Sessions told The Daily Caller, recalling one of the many outreach efforts the USDA has engaged in over the years to get more people on SNAP.

Yes, why might it be a good thing to overcome a person's pride when they do not have enough money to feed their children? Well, we cannot think of a single answer to that!


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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