• Meet your new battleground state, the People's Republic of Alaska, where a full 50% of the non-elk population was birthed by Sarah Palin. [Daily Kos]
  • National Review lady Kathryn Jean Lopez has tattletaled on local Soviet madrassa Beldevere Elementary School, to Beldevere Elementary School, for electing Barack Obama the president of grades K thru 5. [The Corner]
  • Whoever leaked the stuff about Obama's immigrant aunt seeking asylum is in big trouble, as revealing this sort of thing is illegal. [TPMMuckraker]
  • When asked why there aren't more minorities are her rallies, Palin replies that Husband Todd is an Alaskan and nonsensically concludes "We live it." [Ben Smith]
  • No one is showing up to McCain's sad Floridian rallies, least of all Charlie Crist, who mysteriously left early. [CNN Political Ticker]

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