Alaska Republicans Kill Sarah Palin's Only Legacy: Taxing Big Oil


It's so cold in Alaska (for humans)Once upon a time, Sarah Palin actually had a job. She was elected governor of Alaska! And, for a few months at least, she often went to work and even made a brief effort to "help Alaskans" who weren't named Palin. The primary legacy of Sarah Palin's only actual full-time job was the increased taxes on corporate oil profits -- especially "windfall profits" when oil prices skyrocketed. But Republicans in Alaska's legislature have now killed the Palin tax hikes on Big Oil, so Alaska can now expect an $8 billion decline in revenue for its people.

Even Quitter Sarah's replacement, her one-time lieutenant governor Sean Parnell, now says her tax hike on oil companies was a terrible idea. Parnell used to say he supported the slightly higher taxes on oil companies that despoil Alaska while extracting its natural resources -- now he's all for giving the oil companies whatever they want, because he finally remembered Republicans hate people, not corporations. [ADN]


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