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A couple of years ago, Michele Bachmann was the most pro-government pro-president American Patriot in American History, because her beloved George W. Bush was the president, and she loved to stick her tongue right down his throat, and he bombed Arabs like every day, which was awesome.

During her various baby-farming errands, Michele has seen a couple of Arabs here and there in Minnesota and she simply does not care for that kind of thing, in America. Bush and Cheney seemed to have the answer: Bomb them over there so there wouldn't be Communism in Minnesota, because ... "Muslim" means Communist, if you know how to talk Muslim.

And then, somehow, a Muslim-Hawaiian Arab became president, of the United States! And Michele doesn't care for that, either, not at all. So she is going to appear on famous FEMA-concentration camper and 9/11 truther and Austin Entertainment Legend Alex Jones' broadcast, "next week," according to Alex. This will be, without doubt, the greatest broadcast in the history of radio, teevee and the Internet combined.

[Dump Bachmann]


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