Alex Jones Goes To A Beto Rally, Is Alex Jones

Alex Jones Goes To A Beto Rally, Is Alex Jones

On Friday afternoon, Huffington Post released Alex Jones's taped deposition in the lawsuit filed against him by several Sandy Hook parents, in which he claimed that his belief that Sandy Hook was a hoax was rooted in a "psychosis" brought on by being lied to by the government and the media.

Now, most people, after suffering such a humiliating blow, would lay low for a while. They wouldn't show their face around town until things had died down. Others, after openly admitting "psychosis," might choose to spend some time with a therapist, addressing their issues. Not Alex Jones! No, he chose instead to spend Saturday night at a Beto O'Rourke rally standing around with a bunch of Open Carry assholes walking around with guns and Trump signs.

Robert Francis O'Rourke Austin, TX

An interesting choice! Now, conservatives have been fond of saying, for some time now, that free speech is being murdered by college students protesting conservative speakers, by people saying "Hey, that's racist" when someone says something racist, etc., etc. But apparently, it's entirely different when they want to show up to a political rally armed up like Rambo. That's just fine, and definitely not terrifying at all.

In fact, during the course of this two-and-a-half hour affair, one incredibly patient man took the time to point out to Jones that people just might feel a little bit threatened and intimidated by him and his horde of gun-toting assholes. This did not compute. Jones informed him that those people would be wrong to feel intimidated by them, and they should in fact be grateful they are there, because he himself would prefer that everyone be armed. He tells him that this is perfectly fine behavior because he goes to a church that encourages open carry. And truly, what is more comforting than seeing a man who claims to suffer from "psychosis" walking around with a gun?

Later in the tape (around the 1:52 mark), Jones starts trying to bait people in the audience by yelling "God bless the Second Amendment, right?" and ends up harassing a random senior citizen by screaming "WHO DRESSED YOU?" at him, which is of course a very normal thing to do. Especially when one is as notoriously fashionable as, uh, Alex Jones.

This is not the only example of Jones making a fool out of himself in public within the last week. The night before the deposition was released, Jones decided to go to a chicken restaurant in Austin and have a giant nervous breakdown, leading to him literally getting laughed out of the restaurant.

It is very, very satisfying to watch. He screams at all the people, calling them "wimps" and "traitors" and going on and on about how they're not real Americans and shit, and everyone just keeps laughing at him.

That is a man who knows some shit is coming.


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