Alex Jones Has To Give Even More Money To Sandy Hook Families

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Alex Jones Has To Give Even More Money To Sandy Hook Families

Infowars founder Alex Jones has lost two more of the many, many lawsuits brought against him by Sandy Hook families — families who lost their tiny children to a horrific school shooting and were then endlessly harassed by Jones's acolytes after he declared the shooting a "false flag" and claimed that the families were all "crisis actors."

This time, Jones has been ordered by Judge Maya Guerra Gamble to pay damages to Leonard Pozner and Scarlett Lewis, both parents of children killed in the shooting. Judge Gamble issued a default judgement — a rarity — in favor of the plaintiffs due to Jones's continued refusal to provide discovery in separate lawsuits filed against him by Pozner and Lewis.

Via Huffington Post:

Judge Maya Guerra Gamble on Monday issued her ruling for default judgments against Jones in two different cases, which means he and the conspiracy-theory-spewing outlet Infowars have been found liable for all damages and a jury will now be convened to determine how much he will owe the plaintiffs. The new rulings became public Thursday.

In the filings, Gamble eviscerated Jones and reasoned that default judgments should be ordered because "an escalating series of judicial admonishments, monetary penalties, and non-dispositive sanctions have all been ineffective at deterring the abuse," caused by Jones' unwillingness to turn over documents related to the cases, the Texas judge ruled.

So far, Jones has been sued by nine Sandy Hook families and paid out over $150,000 just in suits related to his refusal to provide discovery.

We really owe the Sandy Hook families a debt of gratitude because honestly, there are so many, many people who should sue Alex Jones and others for libel and slander and don't. Probably because they're afraid of "Streisand Effect"-ing themselves, which is stupid because while Barbra may have messed up once, she remains a national treasure, beloved by all. How many people, without Googling, could even tell you what it was that she did?

For instance! One person who could sue Alex Jones for libel is Bill Gates, and it would be a service to the public. We are more harmed by conspiracy theories about Bill Gates than Bill Gates is. People don't want to take their vaccine because they think "vaccines" is a secret plot by Gates to Mark of the Beast them or make them "compliant." Here is a guy on Alex Jones's show this week saying exactly that.

Following a bizarre rant in which he complained that a lawyer in his church was admonished by a judge whenever she called it an "abomination" that a lesbian couple was trying to adopt a child, Pastor Tony Spell claimed that the vaccine was part of Bill Gates's evil plan that he got from the Bible:

The vaccine takes away people's ability—because of Bill Gates' agenda that is in Daniel 7:25—it takes away your ability to resist. It takes away your desire to be zealous and fanatical. Look at people that are vaccinated, they're like zombies. They're just wandering around with no goals.

Now, that's not going to hurt Bill Gates, because Bill Gates is a bajillionaire and really doesn't have to give a shit if people think he is trying to Mark of the Beast them. He may even think that suing Jones and those like him would bring more attention to their views and make him look bad. But the fact is, people aren't getting the vaccine because they think it's part of Gates's evil plans, and the only thing that might make that stop is the threat of a lawsuit. Throw it all out on the table. Make them prove their theories in court.

Granted, the Sandy Hook families have more leeway, as they're not public figures, and public figures have to prove "actual malice" when it comes to libel cases, meaning that someone said what they said knowing it was false or with reckless disregard for the truth. But if claiming without evidence that the vaccine is part of Gates's evil plan to take over the world isn't "reckless disregard for the truth" I do not know what is. Even if it doesn't work, people should be constantly suing him, just to make it slightly more inconvenient for him to go around lying constantly.

It's really the only way any of this is ever going to stop.

[Huffington Post]

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