Alexandra Polier: Not Too Popular with the Young People

It's funny how publishing a 6,000 word piece on your somewhat avoidable personal media tragedy doesn't, in the end, generate much sympathy. We make one little joke about John Kerry's Monica manqué and you people respond with hilarious -- though potentially actionable -- insights on Alexandra Polier's character. Don't you realize you're supposed to feel sorry for the girl? She may never go to Davos again!

A favorite (edited), from someone who claims to have gone to school with Ms. Polier:

From: ""

Date: June 1, 2004 5:55:37 PM EDT

Subject: RE: word up

OK. I've only read the first thousand words or so. This whole thing is a fucking joke. Ego flattery - I love the part where she describes herself as the perfect political wife: "pretty, polite, informed, and inoffensive." Gotta love writers who are not only willing to flatter themselves, but able to do it excessively. I'd give her "pretty" since that's subjective. But the other adjectives strike me more as antonyms for most of her traits. And being "too ambitious" to be a political wife?? Who's the self-described socialite, who's marrying a rich Jew who lives in Kenya, whose only writing cred to date is a sleazy and name-dropping tell-all, [that's] much too long.

A tad grandiloquent: "My name would be forever associated with a sex scandal." Come the fuck on. She wishes. No one knows her name now, save for j-schoolers and readers of New York magazine.

[. . .]

And, while I too hate Bush and am all for effective Kerry propaganda, Alex's attempt - which is blatant - is no more successful than most of the speeches made by that wooden fuck himself. And her analogies: "like a game of telephone" - so hip, yet so shallow. Amazing she isn't on staff at the New Yorker yet!

"I was getting a better education in 21st-century reporting than I had gotten at Columbia J-school. "...I'll give her that one.

And wouldn't Alex love to be compared to Paris Hilton. It's practically the prototype of all she aspires to. See: two sentences later, about the Wolfe girl telling Alex she's much prettier than Monica. Not that that's much of a compliment, but writers, if you can call Alex one, "make choices" (what to include and omit). I love how all the inclusions are self-serving and trite. Same ol' Alex. Which makes her last line - "this has changed my life forever" - the greatest, and one unrealized (by her), irony of all. I'm done.

The Education of Alexandrea Polier [NY]


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