Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Not Even Walking Around Congress Like A Dickensian Street Urchin

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Not Even Walking Around Congress Like A Dickensian Street Urchin

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's first days in Congress have been a doozie. She's been "mistaken" for an intern or a spouse on multiple occasions, everyone's making up pretend fights that she's getting in with people she's not actually getting into fights with, and she's still somehow not performing poverty well enough to convince Fox News and other conservatives that she is not a secret billionaire.

On Wednesday, Fox News published an exposé on AOC and her vast riches -- showing that even though she said that it was going to be tough to afford an apartment in DC for the three months before she'd receive a salary, she was actually a fifteen thousandaire.

If she converted that $15K into pennies, she could probably swim in them, just like her fellow rich person Scrooge McDuck.

As if that wasn't enough, AOC had the gall to flit around Congress in human clothes, probably from some ritzy store like T.J. Maxx, rather than in a barrel held up with suspenders, and shoes that looked nothing at all like bread bags or Kleenex boxes. And the Washington Examiner's Eddie Scarry, noted photographer of women's butts, was ON IT.

The tweet, after getting ratioed straight to hell, has since been deleted, and despite trying to defend it at first, Scarry is now claiming that everyone took it entirely out of context.

It was, after all, hardly the first time Scarry had been a total creeper.

Not a bunion.

Personally, I hope the Right keeps on with this narrative. I hope they push it real hard, because it is an incredibly bad look for them. It's like they're doing our work for us! As gross as America is about class issues, as much many people are comfortable with pretending we have no class issues in the first place, a lot of rich people tend to vastly overestimate how much most Americans will embrace people being openly gross about people not having money. There's a line. Hell, there are a lot of people who vote Democrat who don't fully grasp that. It's why, even though I've made them myself, I'm not entirely comfortable with the jokes about "economic anxiety." Just because people were saying "economic anxiety" when they really meant racism, that doesn't mean it's not an actual thing on its own, apart from that, and I worry that it comes across as "people are stupid for being worried about their economic situation."

Much has also been made this week -- from both the Right and the Left -- of how Ocasio-Cortez is being some kind of l'enfant terrible, going around being a jerk to established pols like Nancy Pelosi and Frank Pallone.

Headlines blared about her joining in a "protest" at Pelosi's office, coming in and snottily demanding that Pelosi do things that she was already going to do anyway! Except you know who actually didn't see things that way? Nancy Pelosi herself.

Politico ran a story about how AOC supposedly barged into poor incoming Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Frank Pallone's office to yell at him about climate change ... an incident which does not appear to have actually happened.


Ocasio-Cortez is going to be a target, precisely because she's so popular. She's going to be a target on the Right because she -- unlike Donald Trump -- actually is a working class American. She's going to be a target for some on the Left because she associates with Bernie Sanders. There are people who feel like just hasn't earned the right to be as popular and well liked as she is yet and that it's unfair that people are excited about her instead of the people they would prefer everyone be excited about. I am pleading with you, anti-Berners -- back the fuck off on this. It is a bad look. Just be happy that people are jazzed. It's a good thing! We want people to be jazzed! If she does something truly horrible, if she murders Nancy Pelosi (who, again, has no problem with her!) in her sleep -- then I promise you we can cross that bridge when we come to it. For now, let's all try to focus on winning in 2020 rather than re-litigating 2016.


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