All-Business Thompson Team Calls Huckabee 'Court Jester'

iz smarter thn teh huckbeezFred Thompson is still randomly trying to win Iowa, and these days that calls for a Mike Huckabee attack (Huckafuck?) Today, Dipshit McGoo's Iowa team sent out a press release criticizing Huckabee's weakness on Thompson's strongest suit: the ability to take things seriously.

A tireless wonk, that Thompson done been, dadgummit and the truck likenesses and such (via Politico):

Huckabee on Foreign Policy

Urbandale, IA -


CONTACT: Robert Haus 515-XXX-XXXX office, 571-XXX-XXXX cell

Huckabee on Foreign Policy

Consider these events in the last three days:

* A new NIE on Iran

* Major referendum in Venezuela

* Russian Elections

* A bombing this morning in Afghanistan near to Sec. Gates

How does Mike Huckabee respond to these? He makes a joke.

When asked by Don Imus this morning about his lack of foreign policy credentials, Mike Huckabee joked: "And the ultimate thing is, you know, I may not be the expert as some people on foreign policy - but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night." (WABC Radio, 12/04/07)

"When confronted with a serious question about his lack of foreign policy experience, Mike Huckabee makes a joke. The security of Americans and our allies is no laughing matter. What Americans are looking for in their next president is a commander in chief, not a Court Jester," added Bob Haus, Executive Director of Iowa Friends of Fred Thompson.

Fred Thompson, we all know the joke's on you. Or rather, that you are the joke. You are a joke, is the crux of the matter.

Fred camp deems Huck 'Court Jester' [Politico]


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