Hey everybody, there's some new craze on MySpace where you put a picture of yourself in this program and it spits out some headshots of famous people who supposedly look like you. Well, the nice people over at Sadly, No decided to help out busy Dick Cheney and make this nice chart:

Lesson: Dick Cheney looks 90% like Dick Cheney ... and a bunch of other evil cretins who help him destroy the world: John Negroponte, William Rehnquist, Donald Rumsfeld and a right-wing unelected Portuguese prime minister known as the "Dan Quayle of Europe" ... and a beloved British comedian ... and a 19th Century scientist who is probably distantly related to the Bushes ... and, uh, the nerdy guy from "Angel," who also turned evil.

Famous Lookalikes: Wingnut Edition [Sadly, No]


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