All Fun And Games Until The My Pillow Guy Says The Antichrist Is Coming


We take it all back, Donald Trump is the best president of all nations throughout time, and we have been convinced of this by the My Pillow guy. But it's not just him. It's also Mike Huckabee. And a bunch of wingnut pastors and hate group leaders and lesser failed conservative columnists.

Here, have a movie trailer, for a piece of cinema that is sure to go into the annals of movie-making:

Trump 2024 Official Trailer - Visit for more information (2:25 r2)

And have a blurb from the normal news source called the Washington Times:

Evangelical and social conservative supporters of President Trump are producing a film warning of a "one world government" based on socialism, the rise of the anti-Christ and other end-times calamities if Mr. Trump is not reelected in November.

Trump 2024: The World After Trump features interviews with ...

Oh lord, stop.

Have a Wonkette synopsis, which is more honest:

OK so this movie trailer starts with big letters on the screen that say (((GLOBALISM))) because most evangelical End Times batshit is heavily focused on a coming (((One World Government))), which is their very sneaky way of being anti-Semitic. Then there is some idiot Bible prophecy "expert" (not a real job) named Dave who explains that the "End Time world government will be socialistic!" This is just a well-known science fact.

A wingnut pastor explains that "socialism" means "the government will be in control" (not what socialism means). Then there is washed up wingnut columnist Star Parker. You probably don't remember her, she used to be a thing, anyway she's batshit, moving on.

Then there is Mike Huckabee for some reason. And some other idiot who says the Paris climate agreement was about "world control."

Anti-Muslim bigot Brigitte Gabriel says words, wingnut pastor Robert Jeffress finishes her sentence, Mike Huckabee says words, Trump spiritual advisergrifter adviser Paula White declares that people are allowed to kill children for "any reason," and then Franklin Graham pleasures himself talking about Trump moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. (FACTCHECK: Did not see Franklin Graham actually touch his weenus.)

Then it's like WHOA SHIT, MY PILLOW GUY!

Seriously, it is our favorite part, because it goes like pastor, hate group leader, pastor, pastor, hate group leader, Mike Huckabee, washed up has-been conservative blogger, pastor, and then it's like OH FUCK, MY PILLOW!

Then there's a whole section about how Donald Trump says cusses but that's OK because it's not like he's the messiah or anything, he was just sent by God and stuff.

The whole end of the video is encouraging people to vote for Donald Trump, which makes this seem like less of a movie trailer and more of a campaign video.

Anyway, this will be the best movie ever, assuming it actually gets finished.

MORAL OF STORY: Only vote for Joe Biden if you want THE ANTICHRIST TO COME, and we all know you do, because you are #Devil like that, the end.

[Washington Times]

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