All Numbers Expected To Drop Forever

  • UCLA economists expect the recession to get nastier before it gets better. Maybe in 2010 things will look up. [Los Angeles Times]
  • The Chicago factory workers who proved that enough bad publicity really can change the world reached a settlement with their former employer after Bank of America agreed to loan Republic Windows & Doors over $1 million. (JPMorgan Chase also threw in some cash.) [AP]
  • Hey, good news about the recession! It's decreasing our dependence on terrible fossil fuels, because nobody needs gas to get to work anymore. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Children from the People's Republics of Taxachusetts and Lake Wobegon perform very well in math and science tests against children from Asian countries. [New York Times]
  • Foreclosures are expected to skyrocket next year, as more people lose their jobs and foreclosure moratoriums expire. [Bloomberg]
  • Wow, that Blagojevich investigation -- the last phase of it, anyway -- moved fast! Feds started listening in on him in late October, and kablooey, here we are in December with the Illinois governor getting arrested. [ABC News]

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