All Paultards Are Racist (Duh)

racism is for the moneycratsEveryone knows the reason banned Paultards from their Internets is because their savior is racist, and if conservatives care about one group it's the non-old white plutocrats. AOL's Political Machine seeks to know more about Dr. Paul, however, and queries, "Why Do Racists Back Ron Paul?" A quick AOL-to-Wonkette translation reveals that "Racists" means "People in general."

The David Knowles article mentions how Paul has won the endorsement of several white supremacist groups -- not even counting what must be every college frat in the country. And Knowles thinks it's not because of Paul's proposed abolition of the Federal Reserve, or money, or whatever the guy wants to do. Paul just hates the government, and the government at least superficially does shit for minorities:

Let's be perfectly clear: the federal government has no business regulating speech in any way. Furthermore, government as an institution is particularly ill-suited to combating bigotry in our society. Bigotry at its essence is a sin of the heart, and we can't change people's hearts by passing more laws and regulations.

Translation from Paultardian: Martin Luther King, Jr. was a socialist neo-HillaryCare wino.

Why Do Racists Back Ron Paul? [Political Machine]


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