All Shapes, Size and Contribution Levels

What are you looking atDespite all the trumpeting of (and spamming about, and commenting on) Ron Paul's money-making tea party last weekend, it turns out that, somehow, Ron Paul needs all the money he can get. So while Obama and Edwards openly turn away contributions from lobbyists and everyone else seemingly finds a way to send back money from those they find personally distasteful, Ron Paul's campaign has confirmed that they will keep the $500 donation from Don Black of the neo Nazi pig fucker website Stormfront. Because, as spokesman Jesse Benton said, that's $500 more for Ron Paul and $500 less for neo Nazi pig fuckers that want to see Ron Paul elected. Um, Jesse? The standard thing to do, for both Republicans and Democrats caught with money with the stench of pig-fucking on it, is to donate it to a charity. Can we recommend some? The NAACP, or the Anti-Defamation League, or the Southern Poverty Law Center? I'd bet they'd do at least equally well spreading "the message of freedom" and making sure that the pig fucker had $500 less dollars. Not that you, you know, actually care. I just thought I'd make a suggestion. [Washington Post]


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