All The Cool Dems Deciding They LOVE Single Payer, HATE Medical Bankruptcy

Good news! More and more Democrats are signing on to support Bernie Sanders's Medicare For All bill! Kamala Harris is in, Elizabeth Warren is in, Sheldon Whitehouse is in, Jeff Merkley is in, and Cory Booker is co-sponsoring. And as of last night, at least 11 more top Senate Democrats are in too! Hi there Tammy Baldwin! Sup Al Franken? Lookin' good, Kirsten Gillibrand! How's it hanging ... MAYBE JOE MANCHIN? LOLOLOL, what even the hell???

Is this the sexxxiest bill ever or what?

Hoo-boy! I do believe I have the vapours! Is it possible that Cory Booker is even handsomer now? Very excited to see who else votes for it. Bet you they will all be really, really good looking and kind and awesome.

Now, I am not wacky enough to think this bill is actually going to pass. I know it will not, because our government is chock full of sadistic Republicans who get the Ayn Rand tingles at the thought of someone losing their house because they could not afford their medical bills. Obviously, if those people really loved personal responsibility, they would have become millionaires before getting sick or injured, so they could afford all of their exorbitant medical fees.

But the Democrats are coming around to realizing that this is a very bad set-up we have here, and that even though a lot of the Affordable Care Act stuff is AWESOME, we not only can do better, we must do better.

We are human beings. We are going to get sick and we are going to get injured. You can be the healthiest, purest person in the world, and still get some terrible disease. Or, you know, get hit by a truck. We all have this in common and no one is special in this regard. We might as well all deal with our human bodily frailty as a team.

Because it's gross that people lose their houses due to medical expenses. It's heartbreaking to see anyone crowdfunding to afford necessary medical procedures. That should not be.

The sheer freedom that Medicare For All would bring to our country would simply be astounding. Not just freedom for pain or sickness or mental illness for those who need help and cannot afford it, but more freedom to change jobs, more freedom from fear, more freedom from debt. Hell, the anxiety and stress it would prevent alone would probably be a major boon for the health of all Americans.

Although this is mostly a symbolic vote, it's an important one. It's the Democrats -- specifically those in the running to be the nominee in 2020 -- sending us a sign that this is what they stand for. And that is very cool.

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Robyn Pennacchia

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