All The Crazies Flocking To Idaho Again
Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer, video screenshot

My home state of Idaho has gone a little funny these days, although there's always a high level of background crazy here. Hot on the heels of Ammon Bundy's followers' fight to return a malnourished baby to the parents who allowed the baby to become malnourished, we have an all-new outbreak of crazy in the Gem State.

Like the Bundy story, it involves a child custody case. If anything, it's even more batshit crazy, and the militia dude who's gotten involved is, Crom help us all, probably far more dangerously off-kilter than Ammon Bundy. Nothing in the previous sentence should be misinterpreted as an endorsement of the stability or trustworthiness of Ammon Bundy.

QAnon, Sovereign Citizens, And Family Court: Not A Great Mix

Earlier this month, East Idaho News published a story about a custody fight between Lee Jennings, of Seattle, and Sarah Stanley, of god-knows-where-she-is because she's hiding from authorities to keep Jennings from seeing their son, three-year-old River. He's a dangerously cute little guy, as you can see in this photo, which in a decent world wouldn't have to be in the context of a "Missing" poster:

The story itself is very sad, and no doubt just one of many that will eventually be collected in a doctoral dissertation on the mass psychosis of Trump and QAnon adherents in the last few years. The two met online in 2016, and broke up in November 2018, when River was just eight months old. Before they'd actually arranged custody, Stanley took off for Arizona with 1) the baby, and 2) no advance notice. After a complicated series of court appearances, Stanley ended up back in Idaho, and eventually refused to let Jennings see River at all.

Jennings has been granted full custody, but that doesn't impress Stanley, who insisted in an interview with East Idaho News that River is just fine, she's not "missing," and that she's actually a victim of government persecution. Also, a whole LOT of Sovereign-Citizen word magic hooey.

Stanley argues the family court system is a “fake system with abusive males against women who are just trying to protect their babies.” She says judges in her case do not have valid oaths of office and claims her American Disability Act rights have been violated, along with her due process rights.

“I have filed a federal lawsuit against many people,” Stanley explains. “We the people need to realize courts don’t have power over you. People’s rights are being stolen left and right. I’m standing up for my rights and I’m being retaliated against.”

Stanley argues the family court system is a “for-profit corporation” and “the largest human child trafficking sector in the state.” In her eyes, the rulings from judges on child custody are unconstitutional and illegal.

"I have not done one wrong thing. I do not consent (to the proceedings). You need my consent. What is the opposite of not consent? It’s rape. And that is what the court system is. It’s a ‘legal rape system,'” she says. “They need my consent per the constitution to continue what they’re doing, and they do not have my consent. I have said that on record time and time again.”

Funny how that never seems to carry any weight with judges. Guess that just proves how illegitimate the courts are.

Enter Conman

And now we get to the dangerous bucket of crazy who's moving events along. Ms. Stanley refuses to "co-parent with the government," and instead says the custody case should be taken care of through her "church," an outfit called "Walking for the Forgotten Ministry," founded by one Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer of Tucson, Arizona.

If those four names sound vaguely familiar, that's because Yr Wonkette has covered Mr. Meyer previously: He's the guy who was briefly Wingnut Famous in 2018 when he found an abandoned homeless camp in the desert near Tucson and proclaimed it a "child sex trafficking camp," because what else could it be? Police said no, it's a homeless camp, which just proved they were covering up for the international Soros-Clinton cabal and all that. Meyer also operates a grifty border militia he calls "Veterans on Patrol," although predictably enough, he's never been in the military.

It says a lot about the guy that his desert militia cosplay shenanigans were too flaky for the Oath Keepers and for Gateway Pundit.

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Meyer told East Idaho News that, as "pastor" of Walking With the Forgotten Ministry, he's protecting Sanders from the evil government, and that she's staying in one of the "dozens" of "safe houses" that he very definitely operates all across America. Here's that audio interview, in which Meyer explains that he's ready to protect Sanders and River as long as they need it, and to mediate the situation just as he's done "dozens of times" previously.

Meyer explains that Sarah Stanley is "in a safe location with her son, and everything she needs will be provided for her and her son." Further, he insists he's really good at helping the helpless, since he claims to have run nine homeless shelters, and to have rescued more than 5,000 children at the border, plus another 14,000 immigrant children who'd been "dumped on my property" in Arizona in July 2021. Oddly, that appears not to have made the news, which again shows how deep the conspiracy goes.

Also, Meyer explains, River has to be protected from his father's nefarious plan to "vaccinate him and virtue signal to other families in Seattle. That’s not going to happen. We’re not going to allow anyone to inject the child with a bioweapon." Meyer apparently means not just the COVID vaccine (which isn't yet approved for kids under five anyway), but all childhood vaccines. He also accused Jennings of domestic abuse, a claim Stanley has also made, although there's no evidence, Jennings has no record, and of course Jennings denies being abusive.

Needless to say, he rejects the jurisdiction of the Family Court system, because "I don’t care what law enforcement says. I don’t answer to the government. The government works for me,” and Stanley "doesn’t have to comply with any of these court orders.”

Shit Gets Scary

Also, reverting to his usual strategy, he accuses everyone in the case of being criminals and "child predators." He's been doxxing most of them, too. Meyer earlier this week posted a nice video of himself standing outside the Idaho Falls office of Jennings's attorney, Laurie Gaffney, saying she's a "democratic socialist" and that he's simply there as a "border journalist," mmm-hmm.

Nothing chilling there, just a guy accusing an attorney of perjury and of being "directly responsible for attempting to abduct 3-year-old River Stanley from his loving mother," then carefully naming the law firm: "Banks and Gaffney Trial Lawyers. Idaho Falls. We’ll be seeing you again."

This is actually getting into some potentially very dangerous territory; when he was chasing imaginary child smugglers around the desert, Meyer could confabulate all he wanted about rescuing thousands of kids, but now he's "protecting" a very real little boy, and the boy's mother appears to agree with Meyer's delusions.

In the latest turn, Meyer left a threatening phone message for Nate Eaton, the reporter who wrote the East Idaho News story.

Mr. Eaton, I want to know why you continue to pursue a woman and child in our safe house program. Do you want to get other women and children harmed? Are you interested in children getting hurt? Is that what your goal is? I’d advise you to remove your Facebook post; otherwise, you’re going to be seeing a whole lot of attention you don’t want. This woman is in protected custody. You are putting her life in danger, Mr. Eaton, and I’ll be knocking on your front door in a few days with a camera and a lot of people, your personal house, if you do not get off of her back. Leave her alone. Goodbye, Mr. Eaton. See you soon.

Eaton has filed for a protective order against Meyer; a judge signed off on it, but it can't be enforced until Meyer is served with the order. That's a bit of a challenge, since at the moment he doesn't seem to have a fixed address. Probably hanging out at one of his dozens of safe houses.

As of this morning, it appears nobody knows where Meyer is, or whether Stanley and River are with him. We're hoping this all has a peaceful resolution.

No, Mr. Bundy, we don't think your help is needed.

[East Idaho News / East Idaho News]

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