All The Heated Texts Released From The Royal Family Rift! Tabs, Wed., Feb. 15, 2023

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Feinstein peaces out. Please don't be dicks about her senility, it's sad. (Talking Points Memo)

A whole nother grandma went to jail for helping people vote! (This one wasn't quite as egregious as "went to jail for giving people rides in her car, because what could be?) (Marc Elias at Democracy Docket)

More on the East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment: The shit flying around the air, the railroad's pathetically small "inconvenience" checks, and how they "spent big" to successfully lobby against safe brakes for trains carrying hazardous waste, because new brakes would cost more money. (The American Prospect)

Now do every Post Office board of governors member who won't fire Louis DeJoy. — CNN

There are actually a handful of Republicans who could help Democrats get childcare funding across the line. Let's see if they still feel that way! (19th News)

Why does Trump call Ron DeSantis "Meatball Ron" when there is already a Meatball, that one acting AG I keep forgetting existed (that was weird!)? It's to be racist at Italians. — Daily Beast

Elon Musk is cramming everyone full of rightwing trolls, for fairness probably. (Amanda Marcotte at Salon)

Montana Senate passed a bill, SB 99, that would outlaw using government property to "promote" social transitioning — so for instance, a school counselor talking to parents about programs that might exist for their kids. — Erin in the Morn

I love George so much. Please watch the whole thing, at Outkick.

This German ballet company director smeared dog shit on a critic's face. DON'T DO THAT, EVEN IF YOU ARE GERMAN! (HuffPost) And ... that's not an apology, Marco Goecke! (The Guardian)

Well! Warren G. Harding's dirty sexfuck letters to his mistress! Also it's weird that he sends her greetings from his dick named Jerry when she was maybe possibly a German spy. — Gift link New York Times!

I am never ever ever going to make these mascarpone-stuffed strawberries, but I suppose I might make the mascarpone into like a dip. (The Italian Dish)

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