All The Things You Never Knew About Pretty Woman! Tabs, Wed., Sept. 14, 2022

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Lindsey Graham's "late term" abortion ban certainly the fuck is not. (Talking Points Memo)

And while we're talking about abortion, the Supreme Court is vulnerable now because of its fuckshit Dobbs decision. — The American Prospect

What Tennessee's abortion ban is doing to women and doctors, and the lawyer who quit her job to barnstorm the state explaining it to every horrified resident of the state. (Tennessean)

Ken Starr died? Oh. — CNBC

The Senate would like to know more about the fake Rothschild hanging out with all the spies at Mar-a-Lago too. (Post-Gazette)

Donald Trump would like Judge Aileen Cannon to ignore his stupid arguments, so it's a good thing that she will! — Marcy Wheeler at Emptywheel

Government motion unredactingish time! (Motion)

Strange framing on this story about Montanans taking their kids to drag queen story hours despite the disgusting POSes threatening them, like well, those parents and kids are tough, they can take it. That's ... nice?

Brittney Arnold was driving up the gravel road to ZooMT for the Drag Queen Story Hour event in Billings with her 11 year-old daughter and three friends in her Dodge Nitro when a wad of spit blotched the passenger side front window.

Daily Montanan

Trigger warning for real, and deep breath: This young man in Boulder, Christian Glass, who was killed by police who were sick of waiting on him, is A LOT. And don't ever ever ever ever believe a fucking WORD of what they put in their press releases, my God. (CPR)

Oh fuck we need something to get up off the floor. Here we go: Alaska's new Congresswoman Mary Peltola is too fucking cute.

And here she is right after getting sworn in yestertoday. That's Lisa Murkowski to the viewer's right in blue, my least-hated Republican.

The Christian Right is piiiiissed about the gay-marriage-affirming Respect for Marriage Act to codify Obergefell. Which is why Lindsey Graham is doing national-abortion-ban now. (August Talking Points Memo)

Brett Farrrrrvre a big old welfare-frauding LIAR (allegedly). — Mississippi Today

West Virginia is raising home health care workers' pay and benefits! — WV Metro News

Oh right, they also banned abortion.

No no no, Senator Warren ma'am! We told student loan borrowers the refinancing we were encouraging might make them ineligible for forgiveness *in fine print*. — Some Navient asshole. (Insider)

Somebody go find this woman and tell her she belongs at Wonkette. — Daily Kos

Pretty Woman clickbait: It does eventually get around to telling you about the "dark first draft" of the movie that it tells you like five times it already told you about. I don't think editing's their strong suit. (She was the drug addict, he tossed her out on the side of the road, Kit died.) (Oh. Whoops!) — Lifestyle a2z

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