All They Owe Ioway: Scenes From The State Fair

All They Owe Ioway: Scenes From The State Fair

This weekend is the Iowa State Fair, and what the Iowa State Fair lacks in llama costume contests, they make up for with large cows made of butter and all of the politicians that go there to eat corndogs and demonstrate how totally down with the people they are. It seems like it's probably fun!

Anyway, before I try to fit in 87,000 references to The Music Man and State Fair (which I actually do not care for, but it feels appropriate), let's take a look at some of the fun that all of our 2020 Presidential hopefuls had at the fair, shall we?

There was a whole lot of eating, and apparently Kamala Harris was very, very into this porkchop on a stick.

Porkchop-on-a-stick is clearly a very big deal here, and in case you were wondering, it looks like this:


Andrew Yang was also very into the fair food and claimed to have eaten 18 turkey legs. He didn't specify whether this was a "that day" count or a lifetime count, so either he ate an insane amount of turkey legs in one day or he keeps some kind of list of all the turkey legs he eats like how I used to keep a list of all the boys I'd kissed in the back of my diary. I have been thinking about this for way too long. Much like the time I found out about that pope who died from eating too much melon and could not find out how much melon was "too much melon," I will probably be haunted by this forever.

Julian Castro's kid is extremely cute:

Cory Booker did a real good job of trying to talk over Slipknot. In other news, Slipknot is still around!

This moment was pretty adorable:

As was this:

And here is Elizabeth Warren proving that she can do all the things:

And she kicked ass on stage as well:

As did Kamala!

John Delaney did not really do anything fabulously interesting this year, but I still want to post this picture of him from last year, because it is the best thing I have ever seen in my life and I will cherish it forever.

Anyway, I am going to go back to overthinking this whole turkey leg situation. You guys chat amongst yourselves, for this is now your open thread!

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