All We Want for Christmas: CIA Director Fran Townsend

frances%20fragos%20townsend.jpgYou can't believe how excited we were to read this speculation, at Firedoglake:

"Breaking news being reported by MSNBC: they have confirmed that Porter Goss has resigned as Director of CIA. Rumor has it that Frances Townsend may be the President's new nominee for the position. NBC saying that they do not expect for a replacement to necessarily be named today."

Nothing would make us happier. As we've said again and again, Fran Townsend is a total hottie.

If Townsend takes over as CIA director, let's have a feature film about her life and career. Jennifer Garner, playing Townsend, will travel around the world, gathering intelligence and fighting our foes (preferably in a black lycra catsuit). It would be way more fun than "Commander In Chief."

BREAKING: Porter Goss Resigns as CIA Chief [Firedoglake]

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