Along With George Allen's Presidential Ambitions, Taste and Humor Are Also Causalties of Macacagate


Four days in, and what hath Macacagate wrought?

  • The end of George Allen's presidential ambitions.

  • A week's worth of material for us (thanks, George!).

  • A shitload of bad Internet art.

Please, people, if you ain't got the skills to pay the bills, then stop writing bad checks. Or at least stop sending them to us. A rundown of some of the bad macaca-themed art we've received this week, after the jump.

It's been a banner week for bad art at Wonkette. We've seen cartoons:


The monkey later shat on the T-shirted man's head

We've seen lame jokes:

people should not get down on sen. allen regarding his recent use of the term "macaca" to describe a dark-skinned democrat monitoring his campaign speeches. there is a long, venereal tradition of the use of the word going back to the early years of our great republic. to wit:

"Our cause is noble; it is the cause of macaca!" -- George Washington.

"...the only thing we have to fear is macaca itself." -- Franklin D. Roosevelt.

"Ask not what macaca can do for you; ask what you can do for macaca." -- John F. Kennedy.

"I am not macaca." -- Richard M. Nixon.

"Macaca did not have sexual relations with that woman." -- Bill Clinton.

"My comedic instincts are macaca." - The Author Of This Post

We've even seen bad poetry:

Here's to an Allen named George!

A coward with no Valley Forge,


Swears he ain't gay.)

"Macaca!" is all he'll disgorge.

Now, we love our readers, but, please, STOP SENDING US BAD ART!!! Besides, no matter how hard you guys try, you'll never come up with anything that's worse than what we've already got. You guessed it:


You know it doesn't get worse than that.

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