Also, Christine O'Donnell Has No Idea Who Is In the U.S. Senate


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Oh, the Democrat in the U.S. Senate Christine O'Donnell would work well with would be Hillary Clinton! That's very interesting. You see, Christine O'Donnell somehow knows she will be allowed on the Committee on Foreign Relations. This would certainly be a smart move by the Republican leadership, putting all their insular Teabagging troglodytes on that committee. Those people will at the very least be praised in the news media for their, umm, novel insights into how to deal with other countries. But wait! A minute and a half after the question is asked, Christine O'Donnell has miraculously remembered the surname of an actual current senator, Lieberman, which she then blurts out in the middle of Chris Coons' statement! Democracy lives!

You can just see the wheels turning in O'Donnell's head when Coons is speaking. She just has to remember the name of a senator! Here's a transcript of what went through her head:

Who had this job before? Low Hiding? No, that's not a human name. Ho Biding? Ho Biding. Ho Biden? Joe Bidens! That's it! Senator Joe Bidens! But he's not in the Senate either... Hmm... Chris... Chris... Christine O'Donnell! Wait, no, that's my name. Think, Christine. Chris... Chris Coooons... CHRIS BERMAN! CHRIS BERMAN! That's a name of somebody! I don't know who that is, though. Is he even in the Senate? I have no idea. Maybe I should just lie and make up a name. WAIT. Lie... Chris Berman... Lie Berman? Lie Berman! That's a Senator! Senator Lie Berman! There we go. Now blurt it ouuuuuttttt... NOW!

It's like that movie, A Beautiful Mind. [Think Progress]


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