Also: Slaps Erasers Clean After Every Class

The 9/11 Public Discourse Project, known to old-schoolers as simply the 9/11 Commission, today announced the state of preparedness for a U.S. terror attack is dismal. Commissioners examined 41 points of federal preparedness, and gave the feds less than passing grades on many fronts:

Specifically, the panel gave the government an "F" on homeland security spending for cities most at risk, on improving radio communication for emergency agencies and on airline passenger prescreening.

Not wanting to demoralize the struggling government, however, Project chairman Thomas Keane, the former GOP governor of New Jersey, did note that its posture was exemplary, its attendance record promising, and that it always keeps its desk in nice, clean order.

9/11 Panel: More F's than A's on U.S. Security [AP, via MSNBC]


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