Alt-Right 'Pick-Up Artist' Knows Dank Meme That Will Deliver The Election To Donald Trump

Post-Racial America

A lot has been made of the fact that Nazis, KKK members and denizens of Stormfront have chosen Donald Trump as their preferred candidate. However, there's another demographic that has embraced him just as fervently -- creepy MRA pick-up artists. Yeah. All the gross dudes still trying to "neg" you are ALL ABOUT Donald Trump. There is actually a lot of crossover between these groups -- and Chateau Heartiste (the blog written by James C. Weidmann, formerly known as "Roissy") is perhaps the ultimate nexus of all of them. A white nationalist MRA alt-right pick-up artist Trump supporter who is right out of his damn mind.

I haven't broached the subject of Heartiste here yet -- not because I don't believe in giving him "attention" (ATTENTION IS NOT MAGIC and ignoring terrible people just allows them to thrive underground, unquestioned, and I still maintain that sunlight is the best disinfectant), but because everything he writes is so filled with alt-right lingo that it's rendered unreadable. It's sort of like the secret language my friends and I used in high school, except instead of adding "iddiga" before every vowel, he adds the word "cuck" into every sentence at least five times.

However, this latest entry is particularly hilarious. Heartiste has figured out how to win Donald Trump the election, and it is basically by calling heterosexual Clinton supporters a bunch of nancyboys. Yes, they will be so deeply humiliated by this that they will immediately change their minds about EVERYTHING and vote for Donald Trump instead. Because "all politics is gonadal."

All politics is gonadal. Given this reality, the most effective political persuasion techniques are those that evoke the ancient rhythms of the sexual market. Converting deeply gay, male Hillary partisans to The Trumpening is not likely in the cards but, if sufficiently shamed and ostracized by effective COPROP that leverages the power of anxiety over one’s sexual market status, many nominal males who plan to vote for Inmate Hillary can be dissuaded from exercising their right to notarize the featherweight class of their shrunken scrotes.

COPROP, Heartiste explains in another post, is "counterpropaganda" which he defines as "memetic defense against the reigning propaganda, which today happens to be the propaganda of anti-white 'anti-racism'." By this, he means angrily typing things like "ANTI-RACIST IS CODE FOR ANTI-WHITE, AFRICA FOR THE AFRICANS, ASIA FOR THE ASIANS, WHITE COUNTRIES FOR EVERYBODY" and "DIVERSITY + PROXIMITY = WAR" into internet comment sections. As we all know, this is a highly effective means of getting one's point across and certainly doesn't make anyone seem like they might be a idiot.

The COPROP Heartiste suggests for turning male Clinton supporters to their side? BEHOLD:

Let me just say -- from what I've heard from girlfriends who do or have done the dominatrix thing -- this may actually make many high-level executives more inclined to vote for Hillary. Just sayin'!

Heartiste explains that male Clinton supporters will be SO TOTALLY HUMILIATED that Trump supporters are cool Mad Max guys (as David Futrelle points out at We Hunted The Mammoth, dude must have not seen the movie), that they will immediately decide to NOT be beta males and vote for Trump instead.

Even faggy Millennial manlets with incipient bitch tits will feel a cringe of shame if they are forced to identify with the beta lapdog in the bottom pic.

Just as a healthy and strong society with rock-ribbed shitlord norms can keep gays far enough in the closet that their petri dish flamboyance doesn’t creep out the kids, so can a fearless embrace of immutable and omnipotent sexual market law — and the exploitation thereof — cow mincing betaboys from pulling the lever for thecunt (SIC?).

One sackless wonder at a time. Eventually, if enough manginas fear shitlord ridicule more than SJW shrieking, their self-respect will do the swelling their ovaries can’t do.

Yeah, all the Clinton-supporting dudes out there are gonna be SO ASCARED of this random dude on the internet thinking they are not manly. That is totally gonna happen. They will look upon the memes and be turned, and probably start being terrible to women their own selves. Or something. It's really incredible how super convincing this is. In fact, I am very nervous even posting it, because probably all the straight dudes who see this will immediately want to vote for Trump in order to protect their gonads.

[We Hunted The Mammoth]

Robyn Pennacchia

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