Alvin Greene Finally Lowers Himself To Your Puny Concept of Campaigning


Jedi master Alvin Greene has destroyed his political opposition bynot destroying his political opposition, and has accomplished more by simply sitting in peace and mindfulness than the most powerful campaign machine has accomplished with the usual clumsy blunt force tactics of "fund raising" and "advertising." But who is the bigger fool? The fool, or the fool who follows him? Watch in amazement as Alvin Greene does that which he once renounced through Not Doing.

Alvin Greene gave a political speech! And not just any old "I'm giving a speech on my front porch" deal, either -- which would've also been awesome -- but an old-school NAACP-sponsored church chat!

[youtube expand=1]

And, well .... still way better than Jim DeMint! [CNN/YouTube]


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