Amazon Has Millions Of Prime Subscribers! But Few Know About ... Tabs, Thurs., May 5, 2022

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Amazon Has Millions Of Prime Subscribers! But Few Know About ... Tabs, Thurs., May 5, 2022

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It's not a "culture war," it's not about hemlines, it's religious tyranny. How was Jennifer Rubin ever a Republican? (Free link Washington Post)

How are we covering Roe v. Wade today? We are writing about the process of course.

The word “women” didn’t even appear in Peter Baker’s lead New York Times story on Wednesday’s front page until after the jump, six long paragraphs in, and even then it was in a paragraph about how the ruling “would represent a devastating defeat for liberals who sought to guard women’s right to choose the procedure against years of efforts to chip away at the ruling.”

Dan Froomkin at Press Watchers

Amanda Marcotte says we need to focus on "abortions happen sometimes when people have sex, and sex is fun and people should have it" instead of scaring everyone with dead women and coat hangers. She's not wrong! Both are also true.

Even recent history shows how being proudly on the side of pleasure is a winning argument for the left. During the George W. Bush administration, the right got really bold about their anti-sex views. While the laughably flimsy pretext that they're "pro-life" was still bandied about, Republicans — emboldened by having a fundamentalist Christian in the White House — started openly arguing for a national sexual standard that expects all Americans to abstain from sex until marriage. (And for all LGBTQ people to embrace lifelong chastity, as well.) The Bush administration imposed "abstinence-only" education on schools. Republican politicians aggressively argued against contraception use in public, insisting, as then-Indiana governor Mike Pence told CNN in 2002 "the only true safe sex is no sex." Republicans would sometimes even argue that married couples should only have sex for procreation.


Rebecca Traister is sick of the Democrats — including leadership — who can't even say the word abortion and claim to be fighting while they won't do so with their whole throats, explaining why and how we must stop with the focus-grouped, mealymouthed "right to choose." (Choose what, choose Jif?) She offers a few Democrats — Jayapal, Warren, Gwen Moore — as brave shining counterexamples. (New York mag)

About the English common law jurist Sir Matthew Hale whom Alito cited for his completely ahistorical draft (which by the way cited Hale decrying aborting a "quick child," with "quickening" being when you can feel it move, which is ... of absolutely no relevance to a six-week, a 15-week, or a blanket ban). Anyway, this fucker Sir Matthew Hale was bad news. — Jezebel

Pretty weird that conservative media isn't taking much of a victory lap about winning the dream they've run on for 50 years now! (Insider)

The deficit has gone down under President Joe Biden, if you care about that, which is only an issue when there's a Democrat as president, but whatever, great fine I guess. — AP

Conservators "appalled" that Kim Kardashian wore Marilyn Monroe's "happy birthday suit" dress to the Met Gala. Really interesting story actually at LA Times, or Daily Beast if LAT is paywalled.

The "Not Me" woman of the Me Too novels. A really interesting review of the novel Vladimir (Wonkette cut link). I have a bit of that boys' girl contrarian in me. (The Nation)

Southern salads, but not the jello or marshmallow kinds. Oh those are some pretty salads. BONUS: The last one is a charcuterie board OF SALAD, because I know how much you love them :) — Emily Nunn at Southern Living

Well damn, now I have to:

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