Ambassador Fired For Saying Thing About Gaddafi In WikiLeaks Cable


In what appears to be the first diplomatic casualty from the latest WikiLeaks revelations, the U.S. ambassador to Libya has returned to Washington and is likely to leave his post, U.S. officials said Tuesday.

Libya doesn't like American ambassadors speculating on what Gaddafi does with his "nurses," it turns out. Perhaps this diplomat will sue Julian Assange now? "The court orders the defendant to give all his wealth, which is like ten chickens and a Santa costume, to the plaintiff."

Current and former American officials have bemoaned the WikiLeaks disclosures' potential impact on Washington's foreign policy. Sources are less likely to approach American diplomats with sensitive information if there is a risk it will end up in the public domain, they say.

Already, there are anecdotal reports that foreign leaders have circumscribed meetings with U.S. envoys, insisting in some cases that note-takers or other American staff be excluded.

Meh, American diplomacy was fun while it lasted. Time to close up shop if we can't gossip anymore. [McClatchy]


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