'Super Horny' Amber Guyger Explains Why Botham Jean Made Her Kill Him In His Own Home

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'Super Horny' Amber Guyger Explains Why Botham Jean Made Her Kill Him In His Own Home

Last year, (fortunately) former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger shot and killed Botham Jean in his own apartment. But she thinks she's suffered enough. I've dreaded this trial. Guyger is the hat trick of white woman cop, and I fear the jury will free her to invade the homes of other black men and execute them on sight. As a black male homeowner, that concerns me more than a softening real estate market.

This is America. Guyger has every right to a defense -- even if it insults our intelligence and offends our moral sensibilities. Alan Dershowitz can't have all the fun. Her attorneys argue that Guyger acted in self-defense against an intruder in what she believed was her own apartment. I don't care how many Tony Robbins seminars Guyger attended. She can't just "transform" Jean's residence into her own through the "power of positive thinking." Texas Ranger David Armstrong supported the defense yesterday when he testified that he didn't believe Guyger committed any crime -- not murder, manslaughter, or criminally negligent homicide. She didn't even violate the apartment building's quiet hours for firing her gun after 10 p.m.

ARMSTRONG: I believe that she did perceive him as a deadly threat. I don't believe it was reckless or criminally negligent based on the totality of the investigation.

These are the conclusions you come to when you conduct the "totality" of an investigation up your own ass. The jury wasn't allowed to hear Armstrong's testimony because it's absurd. Reasonable people -- and let's hope they're on this jury -- might conclude it's "reckless" and "criminally negligent" to get off on the wrong floor of your apartment complex, enter an entirely different apartment, and kill the legal occupant.

Armstrong claimed that the South Side Flats apartments, where Guyger and Jean lived, was a Willy Wonka factory of confusion. He said it was common for residents to get lost and go to the wrong apartment. They didn't kill anyone, though. Regularly occurring homicides are a turn-off to most renters. Armstrong testified that he even had trouble determining what floor he was on when he was investigating the case last year. Of course, he doesn't live there. Guyger acted with certainty when she shot Jean. If residents were frequently wandering into apartments that weren't theirs, it'd be like "Friends" and there's a reason "The One Where Rachel Shot Joey" wasn't an episode.

It seems strange that Armstrong would have his team interview 297 of the apartment complex's 349 residents to determine how many had gotten off the wrong floor and tried to enter someone else's apartment. This is what you pay a defense team to do. I don't remember many "Law & Orders" where Briscoe and Young Hot Guy are pounding the pavement trying to help clear an obviously guilty suspect.

Guyger has tried to justify her fatal flakiness by claiming she was exhausted after a long day of work. Prosecutors Tuesday focused on text messages she exchanged with her former partner and fuck buddy, Martin Rivera. Rivera testified that he'd sent Guyger "provocative photos of himself," or dick picks to a ditz. They were sexting hours prior to the shooting, and Guyger declared in one message she was "super horny today." So, a "super horny" lady cop walks into a black man's apartment while he's on his couch in his underwear eating ice cream. Then she shoots him. That's the worst porn ever. That's a scene from KKKhub.com.

After finishing her 13-and-a-half hour shift, Guyger sent Rivera the following Snapchat message: "Wanna touch?" There was no sexting when I was single, but I presume the appropriate answer is almost always "yes." They had a 16-minute "phone conversation" that ended as she arrived at the apartment building. No wonder she parked on the wrong floor. All that was going through her mind was "Get Fucked, Get Fucked, Get Fucked."

At 10:02, Rivera got another text message: "I need you. Hurry." His dick was ready to rumble, but the next text was a literal downer: "I f----- up." This was while Guyger was on the phone with 911 as Jean lay dying on his own floor. Prosecutors revealed that the two horn dogs deleted their texts the day after the shooting. (They were later recovered thanks to science.)

On the 911 call, Guyger is heard saying, "I'm gonna lose my job." Meanwhile, Jean was losing his life. She did try to comfort him.

GUYGER: Oh, my God, I'm done.

Is she saying she's done shooting him? She's not the cleaning lady: "Mr. Jean, I'm all done. See you next month."

GUYGER: I didn't mean to, I didn't mean to, I didn't mean to. I'm so sorry. Hey, bud.

Bud? Please don't let this be the last word Jean heard on this earth.

Proper protocol demanded that Guyger take cover and ask for backup even if she'd been in the right apartment. Her legal team is glossing over this and pushing the scary black man narrative. He "advanced" on her and she had no choice but to defend herself. Dallas County medical examiner Dr. Chester Gwin testified that Jean "could have been crouching, cowering, ducking or standing up off the couch" when she shot him. Neighbors also testified that they didn't hear Guyger yell commands for Jean to raise his hands, only gunfire.


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