America Gets Another 'Rick Perry Is A Racist' Story Instead of Sex Scandal

America Gets Another 'Rick Perry Is A Racist' Story Instead of Sex Scandal

All America really wants or prays for at this point is a RICK PERRY SEX SCANDAL to make life worth living again, but here's some "placeholder" dirt theWashington Post dug up in the meantime: Perry's family leased a back woods Texas hunting camp for the last couple decades where the Perrys have hosted hawt ritual gatherings to hump state political cronies and talk road kill recipes. Just to "fit in" in that part of the country, the camp was long ago insanely named "Niggerhead" on a big marker stone at the entrance, because that's what racist Texas landowners have always called everything in rural Texas, to be dicks. At issue in this story is exactly when Perry realized this was a racist name so that, uh, we can decide on a scale of one to ten how racist is Rick Perry. Maybe a 12? Perry says the family changed the name right away, in the eighties. Seven other sources told the Washington Post, "eh, it was named that until a couple years ago."

From the WaPo report:

“My mother and father went to the lease and painted the rock in either 1983 or 1984,” Perry wrote. “This occurred after I paid a visit to the property with a friend and saw the rock with the offensive word. After my visit I called my folks and mentioned it to them, and they painted it over during their next visit.”

“Ever since, any time I ever saw the rock it was painted over,” Perry said.

Perry’s version of events differs in many respects from the recollections of seven people, interviewed by The Washington Post, who spoke in detail of their memories of seeing the rock with the name at various points during the years that Perry was associated with the property through his father, partners or his signature on a lease.

A few grafs further down:

The other local who visited the ranch with Perry during those years recalled the rock standing upright with the name visible. He said it was painted over years later; he was not sure exactly when but recalled remarking about the change with friends.

“We kind of laughed about it,” recalled this person, who said he would probably vote for Perry if he wins the Republican nomination. “My recollection is that it was several years ago. We were laughing because he had it painted. Because it had always been there. You couldn’t miss it, right there at the gate going in. We laughed about, ‘Rick’s covering his tracks.’ ”

HAHAHAHA, a powerful white guy GOP Texas politician trying to pretend all of a sudden he isn't racist. That is a good one. [WaPo]


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