America Has Given The Shoe-Throwing Journalist A Taste Of His Own Leathery Medicine


Back awhile ago Iraqi journalist Muntader al-Zaidiachieved international renown for hurling his loafer at our President at the time, George W. Bush. This was the like the "Kanye West doing something spontaneous at the teenager show" of its time! "George W. Bush is going to torture the shit out of him," was the conclusion made in what everyone was pretty sure was hyperbolic jest. Anyway, long story short, apparently George W. Bush has been torturing the shit out of Muntader al-Zaidi since December.

This guy—who, by the way, has been nothing but trouble—has a lot of big claims about being whipped with cables and beaten with pipes and forced to endure electric shock. And something about it being cold. Now he's going on about naming names, etc. etc., except he is pretty much 100% sure he will be killed, or tortured with more cables or electricity or chilly temperatures if he does so. This is probably true! The United States of America has liberated the BEST SCOOP EVER for this Muntader al-Zaidi and he is being just awful about it, really.

[New York Times]


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