Another conspiracy is HOW HOT TUCKER IS, bros.Tucker Carlson waded through the five JournoList e-mails he has and found that everyone in Dave Weigel Chat wanted to stop the media reporting about Jeremiah Wright in 2008. It seems the JournoListers said they thought reporting on the story was bad for America. "This is about how the [mainstream media] kills any chance of discourse that actually serves the people," some Briton said, as if he knows the American people. But the Jeremiah Wright discourse was the discourse that actually served the people, as simple math tells us Jeremiah Wright=hating America and Jeremiah Wright=Barack Obama, therefore Barack Obama=hating America.

Understandably, most of JournoList was probably like, "Yeah, meh, this Wright thing is stupid and bad." But that is boring, and what this article really exposes are the people on JournoList everyone probably rolled their eyes at.

For one, Thomas Schaller, a political science professor and Baltimore Sun columnist. He decided their Baby-Sitters Club should put out a "smart statement expressing disgust" about the Wright stuff. Because the entire media will certainly listen to a listserv of some geeks. They were almost as important as Obama himself!

And then like five or six guys supported this inane, self-important idea. So now Tucker has a story of A BIG CONSPIRACY (of those with negligible power).

Finally, Spencer Ackerman, who was with the Washington Independent, decided that what needed to be done was calling people racists. That would fix the whole Wright mess! “We’ll know who doesn’t deserve this treatment — Ross Douthat, for instance — but the others need to get it.”

Haha, yes, the Baby-Sitters Club loves that lame-o Ross Douthat, but the rest of those evil conservatives and their water balloons shall feel the wrath of the BSC!

Tucker Carlson was already dumb, so he is not made more dumb by posting this dumb thing. But some of these JournoList guys seem kind of dumb too! Perhaps being afraid of the Jeremiah Wright controversy was just in a different time, and because of the economy there was a scarcity of baby-sitting jobs, so there was a lot of fear going around. [Daily Caller]


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