America Loves Obama Because He's Always Around


Hey all you elite cocktail-sipping Georgetown dandies gumming your cucumber sandwiches at tea time: Barack Obama is NOT overexposing himself with the daily live-teevee appearances and "town halls" and Jay Leno guest spots. In fact, this is how you make Americans love you, in this country. You just show up on every teevee show, laughing weirdly, dancing, saying vaguely untrue things, smiling, etc., and then your approval ratings just go up, up, up.

Now, if you are a reasonable, intelligent person capable of doing some basic analysis of current events, then you don't work in the Washington media. (ZING!) Also, you might be thinking, "Uh, Hopey's hands are not exactly clean with this whole AIG bonus outrage pitchfork mob bullshit, so he should be taking a lot of heat for this, even if it's true this administration has inherited a whole lot of shady multi-trillion-dollar outrages from the previous administration, and is it really productive to be focusing the entire nation's limited attention span on this bonus thing which really makes up a fraction of a percent of the money Treasury has loaned, printed and pumped into failed banks and failing markets since the unraveling began well over a year ago," etc.

Just stop all that. This is America. These people need a Simple Narrative. The most beloved show on television for the past decade has been a fucking low-rent Gong Show, with people singing karaoke. You want to explain leverage and derivatives and equity ratios and Glass-Steagall and whatever to this crowd? Good luck.

This is why Obama's approval rating has gone up several points, to 64%, while he was simultaneously feigning outrage about the AIG bonuses his Treasury Secretary approved, and making fun of Sarah Palin's retarded bowling team.

Over-Exposure? [Political Wire]


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