America, Meet Your New Forgettable Senate Placeholder: Jeffrey S. Chiesa


Pronounced…Chi-ee-sa? Cheez-a? She’s-a? Who knows, and who cares! New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has named State Attorney General Jeffrey S. Cheesa to be Frank Lautenberg until New Jersey can pick a new one on a day when Chris Christie won’t be running for Governor again, please and thank you. So is this guy a Democrat, Tory, Whig, Free Soiler, what? Nah he’s a Republican, whatever, don’t worry the Democrats still have their impotent majority! Rest assured that all the important nothing the Senate’s working on now will continue apace. But where does Chris Cheeseman rank on Wonkette’s list of The Greatest Forgettable Interim Senators Of All Time?


Cuz there was that guy, what was his name, with the mausoleum, Rod Blagojevich did a crime on him or something? Childe Roland? He was our new Senator Barack Obama?

And then there was that time Paul Wellstone died and Governor That Wrestler Guy appointed someone, who was he? Some Trekkie? (Anyone who can remember the name "Dean Barkley" gets a special prize at the June 15 Minneapolis Wonk Your Brains Out. Maybe. Nine days is too long to remember, too little lead time to order Dean Barkley bobbleheads.)

And then there’s this fellow, and bless him too.  We bet he'll set the senate on its ear like, um.. the Massachusetts guy who replaced John Kerry. There was a guy, wasn't there? We guess so.

And then all the others! It’s a lineup just made for Mount… you know, that one place? With the heads? What was it? Some hipster movie? Gregory Peck and a biplane? Help us out here.



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