There has been, perhaps, no transgression in American debate history worse than when, in the middle of Tuesday's townhall debate, Candy Crowley swung from the rafters and literally probably shot Mitt Romney in the back of the head by correcting him, according to Tucker Carlson.

For most of the play, John Wilkes Booth sat there politely. But it was the moment when he didn't that changed history. I thought this was the definitive moment in this debate. . . . This changed the debate. This is exactly what moderators are not supposed to do. This is the one thing you fear they will do.

That seems like a reasonable interpretation of a brief, yet completely accurate, interruption (THAT FOX NEWS HID OUT OF DISHONESTY). Hopefully, this interpretation of history and politics finally earns Carlson the respect he deserves as a reprehensible, desperate meatpile with a closet full of mouldering bow ties.

Let's not forget the rest of the panel, who eagerly buy into the idea that we should elect as President a man who unfairly got interrupted once and then floundered his way through the rest of the most important public moment of his life because of the emotional gunshot he received.

Candy Crowley, you're the absolute worst. We all hope Steven Spielberg CGIs your face in at the end of Lincoln, so all Americans get the message that you are the bitter interrupting bile demon of democracy.

[Media Matters]


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