• President Obama basically alienated every law enforcement official in the country when he called that Cambridge cop an ignoramus during his health care phone-a-thon on Wednesday. And now the DC chapter of the National Fraternal Order of Police has publicly chastised the President! DC FOP president Marcello Muzzatti, decked out in his finest Fraternal Order fez and Eagle Scout merit badges, said Obama's remark was a "cheap shot," because you're not allowed to criticize the police if they can't violently Taser you in retaliation. [Washington Examiner]

  • Liz Cheney, Neil Cavuto, Lou Dobbs, Congressman John Campbell and Michael Steele spent the week being dumb assholes, again. [This Preposterous Week]
  • The National Mall is the Park Service's bastard child. [DCist]

  • Rejoice! It appears that The Real World cast are now "working" part-time as Hill interns. This is good television. [Spotted: DC Summer Interns]

  • A group of teen-agers decided they didn't feel like shooting each other, so they got a free seafood dinner, as a reward? Is this what the world has come to? "Oh, thanks for not punching Grandma in the face yesterday. How about a steak dinner to celebrate?" These are troubling times, friends. [Washington Times]

  • Women of DC: Keep an eye out for tricycle-riding haunches-honkers. [Holla Back DC]


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