America Under Attack: Terror Birds Dropping Like Bombs

What will the Terror Threat Level Alert-bot tell us today, about the challenges we all face? Ever since the Nobama Administration'sWONK-bot TSA-1138 began these video updates yesterday, we've all become much safer and much more terrorized, simultaneously. For example, did you know that ALL THE BIRDS are falling out of the sky, as bombs, and all the fish are becoming "river bombs" and that goofy book The Road is starting to become more scientifically plausible by the hour? (How unlikely did it seem that all the plants and animals and whatever would die, but some hillbilly and his autistic kid would miraculously survive, along with gangs of hair-metal rapists who ate only ... hillbillies? Anyway, totally realistic now.)

[youtube expand=1]

[youtube expand=1]


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