America Wins In Bay of Pigs 2.0

America Wins In Bay of Pigs 2.0

Friday, October 1: The best way to get people to go to a free museum? Set up a cash bar, sell some food, and hire a DJ of course! The National Portrait Gallery is hosting its very own after hours event this Friday from 5-8PM, since art looks its best at night and when enjoyed with booze and lounge-y music. [Portraits After 5]

  • Friday, October 1 through Wednesday, October 13: Cuba Libre, a restaurant that pays homage to what Cuba would be like had it not become what it is, opens this Friday. Huzzah! The restaurant specializes in "Nuevo Cubano" food, as no one would want to eat what is actually being served in Cuba right now. From October 1 through October 7 they're offering 50% off all entrees, and from October 8 through October 13 the discount is 25% off all entrees. Starting October 14, they will charge you full price for your meal. [Cuba Libre]
  • Saturday, October 2: Well, if running away to Virginia doesn't work out, there's always Maryland, which is home to Bethesda, a neat little Clarendon/DC hybrid of sorts, but in Maryland. Fifty of Bethesda's best restaurants will be featured at the annual "Taste of Bethesda Event" this Saturday from 11AM-4PM. Cost is $5 for four "taste" tickets. [Taste of Bethesda]
  • Sunday, October 3: Something exciting has happened, so a large animal must die! A big, environmentally-friendly pig, goat, AND lamb will be roasted Sunday at the restaurant Poste to honor local restaurants' commitment to the slow food movement. (An ICE CREAM SOCIAL just doesn't cut it anymore.) Tickets are $25 and include a sample of each roast, as well as a dessert from Birch & Barley and two drink tickets good for either wine or beer. [Snail of Approval Kick-off ]
  • Sunday, October 3: Here's a new one the kids thought of: Dancing for peace. Sure, why not! On Sunday, Dance4Peace, an organization that teaches peacemaking skills to youth through dance, is hosting a brunch at Hudson to kick off their new conflict resolution initiative in the DC Public Schools. That is, unless "dancing" and "peace" are considered to be elite activities and are banned when DC becomes "One." The three-course brunch is $28. [Brunch4Peace]
  • Wednesday, October 6: Yoga superstar Liz Glover is forcing your Wonkabout and Riley to participate in a karaoke event where we will be singing an exciting rendition of "Yellow Submarine" or some other song (better suggestions are welcome), for charity. Riley has promised to waterboard his mouth with vodka, play the piano and dance the Melbourne shuffle until he becomes massively dehydrated and ends up passing out on Jim's couch. Your Wonkabout promises nothing. Tickets are $15. [Karaoke In the Capital]

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