There are so few heroes for the young people to look up to these days, what with Lindsay Lohan serving time and more and more Republicans opting for sex scandals involving consensual, heterosexual intercourse and so forth. So who should your children admire? They should admire Major General Jerry R. Curry, the army-man who knows that Barack Obama is black, but note quiteblack enough. The army-man who is fed up with Barack Obama's race-baiting, his muslim faith and his non-existent support for the troops. The army-man whose name was selected from a hat to pen this week's "Real America Will Never Ever Trust Barry Hussein" column for Human Events.

General Curry's thesis is simple yet elegant: Barack Obama is not from the "hood" like a normal black person should be, which is bad, but he is an Unamerican Ivy League Madrasah-Educated Traitor, which is possibly even worse! Indeed, this conclusion is almost too obvious if we remember that, as the Major General rightly points out, "The ancestors of America’s black population came to this country on slave ships, not on airliners from Kenya." Surprise surprise, Barack Obama's ancestors were too elitist to come over on a slave ship. (And wasn't it airliners from Kenya that did 9/11?)

At any rate, as a Major General it is Jerry Curry's duty to inform you that Barack Obama is totally and completely unfit for military service, since he is racist against whitey and freedom:

If President Obma were serving in the U.S. Military and the military discovered that for the last twenty years he’d been attending weekly meetings where the leader of the meetings was spewing hate filled anti-American, anti-white rhetoric, the military would immediately cancel his security clearance and unceremoniously kick him out of the service because such a man could never be trusted with the nation’s defense secrets.

The worst part is, the military is not allowed to immediately cancel Barack Obama's security clearance and then dishonorably discharge him back to Africa because he is sort of like the head general who commands all branches of our country's armed forces! Oh fuck! [Human Events]


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