American Kids Are Lazy And Stupid

No surprises here, folks: while American adults work obsessively for 51 weeks out of the year and sneer at the French, who take the whole month of August to go to the beach while their elderly citizensquietly expire at home, American YOUTHS are just lazy fartsacks who get three whole months a year to play with their Wiis and masturbate into empty packages of Pop Tarts while their parents are at work.

In other developed nations, both the school day and the school year are long enough for children to actually retain what they learn over a short summer break. But in America, you're not in school for that long -- about 6.5 hours a day -- and you have this crazy long summer break to get high and forget everything you "learned."

This is yet another reason why Americans are fat and dumb and doomed. Question: Why do we not make children go to school for 45 hours a week, 51 weeks a year, so that adults can relax and enjoy their summers off? Because of Mark Twain, who was the first person to make the erroneous suggestion that American children are adventuresome and clever souls who will actually do something useful with their free time.

The underworked American [The Economist]


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