American People = Little Japanese Kid in Short Shorts

DestroyAllMonstersHS-sm.JPGSometimes, NPR makes news fun!

Ari Shapiro: Specter has asked former Reagan administration official Bruce Fein to draft legislation that would let congress sue the president. Fein says the case would look just like any other lawsuit -- except the trial would be the political equivalent of Godzilla vs. King Kong.

Which would make the Supreme Court... Mothra? Or Raymond Burr?

(Note: This post courtesy Wonkette Mom, who says we should listen to NPR at work like she does, and adds: "I wish it had been Peter Overby -- who, as you know, sounds like a grown up Linus to me -- but even though it wasn't Peter, the reporter had a good dramatic pause.")

Presidential Signing Statements Challenged [NPR]


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