Americans Are Becoming Facebook-Addicted Europeans

Americans Are Becoming Facebook-Addicted Europeans

This morning, let's learn about how food is turning robotic, Facebook is turning us into addicts, and the economy is turning us European. I'm pretty sure exactly none of those things would make sense a hundred years ago.

  • There's a bunch of new ways that food is becoming bigger and better using robots and labs and special farms. What I want to know is when will they get food to look as good as it does in the commercials? [Slate]
  • Here is a survey to detect whether or not you are addicted to Facebook. Post it on Facebook for the highest amount of likes and comments to validate yourself as a person! [The Atlantic]
  • According to this article, Americans are becoming more European as we get less and less optimistic about our future. This explains so much when it comes to the difference between the American and British versions of TheOffice. [The Daily Beast]
  • Your word selection matters when it comes to how the brain takes information in. Obviously, that's why we pay J.K. Rowling the big bucks! Time to pre-order her next book! [Salon]
  • And finally, Wonkette wants you to ask us questions on Tumblr! Do it. Do it now or forever hold your peace.

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