Americans Are Still Homeless and Poor

  • Home foreclosures are up 25 percent, which is probably why everyone is just getting so high. More than 2.3 million homes have been repossessed by lenders since the Greatest Recession began three years ago. And what has Obama done to help Real Americans keep their trailer-homes, since obviously he is to blame for everything bad that has happened in the last ten years, at least? There is the socialist Making Home Affordable program, but it has not been very effective. What are we going to do? [Fox News]

  • Craigslist has confirmed that it is abandoning its famous Adult Services sexytime section. This is terrible news for Americans who wanted a few thrills before "settling down" and committing to eHarmony. [Daily Intel]

  • Three FBI agents and an analyst have been charged with using steroids and human growth hormone. It is outrageous that these brave feds are being punished for "counterterrorism juicing." [WaPo]

  • And while we're on the subject, who even has time to prosecute megalomaniac FBI juicers? There are currently 103 federal court vacancies, which means America is facing a judicial emergency and all the judges are working overtime, which is technically against union regulations. [Fox News]


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