Americans' Average Retirement Savings By Age! Tabs, Thurs., March 3, 2022

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SER wrote about Van Taylor this very day and there was no mention of AFFAIR WITH ISIS BRIDE, not one.(Dallas News)

Is Palm Coast city councilman a wanted Costa Rica "violent fugitive"? Maaaaybe! — Florida Politics

Joe Biden didn't just mean "Putin" when he talked about authoritarian dickheads. Digby at Salon.

Well, yes, the news coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is racist, yes, yes it is. (LA Times) So are just "people," Poles attacking Africans fleeing Ukraine edition! (Guardian)

Do you have Trump First Peachment Amnesia? I don't blame you if you do, I sure fuckin do too. Well Aaron Rupar has you covered as he explains JUST HOW FULL OF SHIT House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Ted Cruz, and the rest of the clown caucus are when they talk about Joe Biden refusing to help out Ukraine. — substack

What the Biden admin learned from the sanctions the last time around, just in time to pen Sanction And Sanctionier. (Politico) "Kleptocapture"? Don't mind if we do! (Reuters)

Joe, you had "kleptocapture" right there.

Harold Meyerson would have done some SOTU differently (YOU DONT HAVE TO FIGHT ABOUT IT YOU GUYS IT'S JUST SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT JESUS). — The American Prospect

Joe Manchin's got a football, who wants a kick? (Politico)

Tennessee's "civics" "education" "partnership" with Christianite Hillsdale College is some shady bullshit. — News Channel Five Nashville

People are yelling at Girl Scouts, but the most upsetting part of the story is Insider says the link between Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood is "false"? That's literally why I wanted Donna Rose to join, and now I am :(

"I saw a recipe but I didn't have time for it tonight," said Shy about French Onion Chicken and how fucking dare you sir, have you at last no sense of decency. (Modern Proper)

Do you like my new house? — Zillow

(I am kidding it is not my house you can still send me money, and please do!)

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