Americans Very Angry King Barack And Ugly Wife Did Not Have Mac And Cheese With Cut-Up Hot Dogs For Valentine's Dinner

Americans Very Angry King Barack And Ugly Wife Did Not Have Mac And Cheese With Cut-Up Hot Dogs For Valentine's Dinner

We try not to delve too often into comments sections for material, because honestly. But this, the day after Valentine's Day, is one of those occasions where it's sort of impossible not to. Did you know thatBarack Obama took his wife out to dinner last night, to the hip new Jose Andres place? Did you also know that people are INSANE?

Yes, Barack Obama flew home from Atlanta in time for his dinner date with the beautiful First Lady, and Yahoo News commenters went full Victoria Jackson. (Because Barack Obama was not supposed to fly home from Atlanta, we guess, but should have either taken a Greyhound bus or stayed in Atlanta forever.) There are your usual comments about monkeys and heaping platters of baby back ribs and buckets of KFC, but those are to be expected, because "postracial." What interests us more is the SCIENCE FACT that since Barack Obama broke the economy and personally put all those millions of takers out of work, he and his ugly wife (did you know that Michelle Obama is ugly? We are sorry to say that this too is SCIENCE FACT) should be eating leftover meatloaf and mac and cheese with cut up hot dogs like Yahoo commenters do.

Let us look, together, at how Yahoo commenters think a taxpayer-funded salary is supposed to work.

  • Oh how disgusting!!!! Too bad the Obama train wreck has the economy in shambles high unemployment higher taxes and less disposable income for 99% of Americans but the king and queen are living the high life on our dime!! Shameful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • We had leftover meatloaf. Happy Valentine's Day!
  • My spouse and I had a Valentine's dinner date too but it didn't cost the taxpayers one cent.
  • How much is this date going to cost the tax payers? His weekend date to Manhatten years ago, cost a cool $100,000. Why doesn't he just stay home and plan a nice WH dinner for the two of them, would be cheaper.
  • Another lobster dinner at taxpayer's expense. Movin' on up!
  • HOPE you and your ugly wife have fun. Today is not only Valentine's day but our 43 wedding anniversary and we can't afford a dinner out.
  • We paid for our dinner and night out,, WHO paid for theirs!!!!!!!!!!!....It's PAST time America...........
  • chittlins and hamhocks with collards and uncle tom cakes is what they hads
  • Bet they had Chicken, that's what those people eat I heard.
  • My wife and I had mac and cheese with cut up hotdog's for our valentines dinner. I wonder what the king and queen had for their valentines dinner?
  • Out on the town....Spending OUR LAST DIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Disgusting & Despicable!!! the both of them...... Time to start moving off of "MASSA'S Obama-Plantation-Nation"!!!

Yeah, we actually left out the really racist ones. Now, we have eaten at a Jose Andres restaurant -- Los Angeles's Bazaar -- and it was very fancy and delicious and expensive! (Here are some things they might have et!) And also we are sorry for people who have been married 43 years and can't afford to go out on their anniversary, that is sad!

But here is a secret: President Obama gets a salary for presidentin'. He gets $400,000 per year, plus some expense accounts. (WHY EXPENSE ACCOUNT OBAMMAR WHYYYY!) And when he takes his wife on a dinner date in Washington, D.C., he actually pays for it all by himself! Now, there are Secret Service people, and gas for his car. And there is also shut the fuck up you people, Jesus Christ.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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