America's Manure Crisis Finally Hits Home


  • After losing the meeting with his appointed death panel (cancer), a brave Houston man speaks out from beyond the grave to stop Barry Hussein. [KRIV]
  • Sen. Ron Johnson says that Obamacare is the greatest assault on freedom in his lifetime, which is true because McCarthyism and Jim Crow were just for laughs. [WSJ]
  • Shakespearean commenter: "WE are in a lot of manure, a very seriously deep manure crisis....Obama dances in the daiseys and frollics with the rich and America haters, bowing to them, and seeking their approval of him…F." [GOPUSA]

  • Did you know condoms cause STDs? It's true. [Life News]

  • Muslim Sen. Dick Durbin called a hearing on protecting American Muslims—clearly "Turban Durbin" is going to terror bomb the whole thing. [Bare Naked Islam]


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