America's Millionaires Are Fleeing — Should You? Tabs, Thurs., Sept. 24, 2020

America's Millionaires Are Fleeing — Should You? Tabs, Thurs., Sept. 24, 2020
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Fuck him to hell.

No acknowledgement of the 200,000 dead, because "reasons." — Buzzfeed

"Death panels" vs. 200,000 dead. At Fox News, it's no contest. (MediaMatters)

Remember last week when we learned the USPS was ready to send five masks to every US household last April? Dan Froomkin would like to know where the goddamn followup is please. (Salon)

Don't be pussies, Dems, here's shit you can throw in the works, and nobody is rewarding you for "restraint." But they said it boringer. — The New Republic

Here's how Nancy Pelosi could be DASTARDLY if the election got thrown to the House. Not holding my breath about it! But what do I know! (Washington Post)

Apropos: Our sorta Dem-ish friend who married a Trumper is PISSED about coronavirus and the people who won't FUCKING take it seriously ... and both sides, for "politicizing" it. So just fucking do it already, if you sneeze they'll say it's "partisan" anyway.

Deep dive from Michael S. Schmidt's book on Trump overruling the mean Deep State who wouldn't even let his criminal children have security clearances. — NBC News

No charges against the police officers who shot and killed Breonna Taylor in her bed in Louisville, except one against a cop they already fired for "endangering" the neighbors. Breonna Taylor was endangered too. (AP)

Police reforms stall around the country. Deep breath, if you can breathe. (Politico)

Get nerdy about Puerto Rico's grid and the $10 billion Trump is finally deigning to send to help fix it. But is it enough to keep Two Guys From Whitefish Pizza and Electrical paid? (Grist)

Or maybe you are wondering HEY what happened to the carbon tax? Also Grist!

A three-year study on how to make awesome urban soils in Detroit. You know you love it. (Civil Eats)

7 Reasons Gavin Newsom has the worst job in politics. No he doesn't, Politico.

Huh. Surprisingly, Alex Jones (or rather one of his reporters) declined Guccifer 2.0's outreach. Unsurprisingly, the Alex Jones outreach was redacted from the SSCI Russia Report. (Emptywheel)

Really interesting look at how individual journalists are getting supporters for their work with email newsletters on Substack, many of whose writers are making me very jealous with their ungodly riches. — Sarah Jeong interviews Casey Newton at Medium

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