America's Most Elitist Musician Endorses Obama!

The elitism of Barack Obama has reached new depths. Famous Rock Star Bruce Springsteen, a gay French white wine-sipper, has endorsed Barry on his website, citing Obama's potential "to lead that project and to lead us into the 21st Century with a renewed sense of moral purpose and of ourselves as Americans." Blah blah blah, he likes how Hopey is a Communist and that's all. After the jump, more about Bruce Springsteen's elitist credentials.

  • Bruce Springsteen is the most popular musician among the Blue Collars, ever, as well as various other "white ethnics," Jersey shore rats, and your father. Black people hate him!
  • He wrote an entire album called The Rising dedicated to the victims of 9/11. But that was only his cheap apology for causing 9/11 in the first place, with liberal ginseng bombs.
  • This little piece of ELITE CYNICISM:

Bruce Springsteen is the latte-sipping nightmare for Barack Obama.

[Bruce Springsteen via Hendrick Hertzberg]


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