NRO Weeps For America’s New Oppressed Minority: Poll Truthers

NRO Weeps For America’s New Oppressed Minority: Poll Truthers

After a month or so of really kind of absurd arguments that every poll in existencewas skewed because of liberalism and Nate Silver being a big gay homosexual, we have now come full circle: Jim Geraghty at the National Review has decided that those who criticize morons are basically calling them racists.

So a lot of people who don’t read me that closely are going to look at what follows and interpret it as “Jim’s saying the polls are always wrong.” That’s not what I’m saying, but I’m prefacing all of this with that prediction, because we’ve all seen that when people don’t like what you have to say, they attempt to cut off discussion by calling you insane or silly. Sneering “truther” in response to a disagreement from the conventional wisdom is almost as worn out as “racist.”

Geraghty then proceeds to argue that polls are probably always wrong, which is a totally different argument that his first sentence completely negates. But what about the fact that bold truth-teller Jimmy is basically being called a racist just because he's kind of innumerate and hackish?

Well, one, it would probably help if Geraghty didn't work for a publication that had fired like a billion racists this year. In general, when you call someone at the National Review "racist," it isn't because you don't like that they used the term "blacks" instead of "black people," but because they actually wrote their quick post on how they don't really like Homeland at a white power rally.

Anyway, let us soothe Jim's feelings. You are not a poll truther. You are simply a disingenous hack who uses the example of certain polls being wrong at some point in the past to insinuate that every poll you don't like today is also wrong, which is a completely different thing.

And I'm not calling you a racist either, although the National Review's "Blackface Watermelon and Grape Juice Obamaphone Halloween Welfare Jamboree" was probably in bad taste.

[National Review]


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