"America's Next Great Pundit": A Truly Existing Contest From The Washington Post

"America's Next Great Pundit": A Truly Existing Contest From The Washington Post

The Washington Post is offering you a very special once-in-a-lifetime chance to write a weekly journalistic politics opinion column! If you have ever had dreams of BEING YOUR OWN RICHARD COHEN, now is the time to enter the Post's "America's Next Great Pundit" contest, the grand prize of which is an actual opinion column in The Washington Post, which your Wonkette Fact-Checking Desk has Googled and apparently used to be some sort of newspaper, back in the 70s.

Gather your most contradictory and inherently untenable positions on torture, foreign policy, health care, etc. etc. and GET READY:

"Beginning on or about Oct. 30, ten prospective pundits will get to compete for the title of America’s Next Great Pundit, facing off in challenges that test the skills a modern pundit must possess. They’ll have to write on deadline, hold their own on video and field questions from Post readers. (Contestants won’t have to quit their day jobs, but they should be prepared to put in about eight hours a week for three weeks.) After each round, a panel of Post personalities will offer kudos and catcalls, and reader votes will help to determine who gets another chance at a byline and who has to shut down their laptop."

That is correct: Richard Cohen could be personally catcalling you. This is what is at stake.

[Washington Post]


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